“Welcome to Winston-Salem . . .”

Creative Center of North Carolina, Inc. (CCNC) is a mission-driven nonprofit comprised of business and thought leaders interested in the growth and prosperity of Winston-Salem.

We operate to help define and advance a community-wide unified message about the unique assets and opportunities in our area. Our hope is to serve as a catalyst that stimulates creative thinking and collaboration for Winston-Salem to have its brightest future.

Our Creative History

Winston-Salem has built a creative history over the past 300 years, and has always worked towards progress and innovation. Take a look inside here for some snapshots of what we have found.


It’s a unique place with features of Central Park, Biltmore and Fairchild Gardens.

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The Reynolds Building

It’s the “Father of the Empire State Building.”

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Winston-Salem’s Assets

As a more exhaustive list of what Winston-Salem has to offer, this section offers a way to discover businesses, organizations and assets in our community by category.


Graylyn Estate


Moravian Music Archives

Black Theatre Festival

Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts

View Our Past Work

As a way to keep a pulse on our city, CCNC has developed surveying projects to collect data on the pain points and opportunities Winston-Salem is facing, especially in the midst of this new world. Click on the link below to see.